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My Health. My Data.
With Me in A Click

ClicPatient allows providers to optimize the medical outcome by having a complete and global view of the patient's health trajectory as well as health data which currently are held captive in the facility where they were performed. The integrated approach of care proposed by ClicPatient allows access to information that before today was inaccessible due to the siloed nature of the current system.

Eva Villalba,MBA, MSc. Executive Director Quebec Cancer Coalition

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Modern Doctors

Finally a platform that links the patient's journey OVER TIME

Suddenly we are faced with the reality of the coronavirus pandemic which reminds us how much our network lacks tools to assess our patient' health trajectory overtime, or even validate the projected outcomes based on real-world data. ClicPatient offers this tool to document patient data in real time.

Dr. Pierre Martin, GMF du Cap

The 1st Populational Shared Decision Making Tool that will Enable a Link Between:

 Diagnostic             Therapeutic Plan         Therapeutic Result          Risk Factors                     Over Time

Why is a shared decision making tool helpful?
To improve patient experience of care, quality and satisfaction


To improve health outcomes among other benefits

WHAT IS ClicPatient?

ClicPatient is a shared decision making tool. It shares information to providers 
about their patients to deliver better health results over time.

It links the patients with the first line AND specialty.

ClicPatient was created to be the eyes and ears of the healthcare system.

It sheds light on issues and enables consistency and alignment among ALL stakeholders

to achieve set goals.

WHY ClicPatient?

Because we need data...

( I was upset and angry by) the lack of data in real time.

 Christian Dubé, Québec Health Minister

Access to data will help improve prevention measures, screenings and treatments for cancer.

Manon Pépin, CEO of Cancer Research Society

Better use of data would foster better knowledge on health outcomes (...) as to deliver an optimal health trajectory.

Dr. Dario Garcia, President of OB/GYN Society of Canada


Get fast and easy access to your complete patient population's vulnerability index in just 3 clicks.
Know who needs your attention more urgently.

can contribute to breaking the silos:



Linking therapeutic plans to therapeutic results

Track patients health status over time

Quick access to identify COVID-19 high risk patients

Getting started with
ClicPatient is a snap. Best of all it's free and easy to use.

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 1.10.54 PM.png

1.  Visit                                                and create an account in 30 seconds.

2.  You will automatically obtain your
ClicPatient ID. Share it with your patients. Its the key to link yourselves securely.

3.  Ask your nursing staff to join and to link themselves to you via that same
ClicPatient ID number.

4.  Download your Welcome Kit to share with your patients and staff.

5. Do you have special needs for additional/specific forms.





If you could tackle TODAY:

Chronic Disorders

Future Effect of Long-COVID or Cancer Due to the Pandemic

Care Access

Orphan Patient

Healthcare Professional Shortages

Better Access to First Line Care

The Right HCP for the Right Patient

Complete and Ease of Access of Patient’s Health Data

Workload Delegation

Duplication of Unnecessary Treatments

Partnership and Alignment with Policymakers

Professional Exhaustion

Resource Allocation In-line with the Patient Needs

Patient Partnership

Preventive Care

Evaluation and Improvements of Therapeutic Plan Success Rate Over Time

  Care Management Based on Results/ Effective Disease Management

Personalized Healthcare

Clinical Prioritization and Waiting Lists

Adequate Financing of the Healthcare System

Increased Efficiency and Modernization of Patient Appointments Scheduling

Family Physician and Nurse Valorization

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