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Covid 19

Did you know that you can manage your risk of serious complications to


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Did you know that becoming an informed-patient partner can optimized your health journey over time?

Did you know that by sharing your anonymized health data you could help improve health outcomes for all, today and for generations to come ?

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Did you know that by sharing your anonymized health data you contribute greatly to revolutionizing research?

Did you know that your health data exists in numerous silos: hospital files, primary care's files, healthcare insurance files, specialist's files, pharmacy's files? Often they are difficult to access, incomplete or just impossible to give anyone a complete picture of your health  ?

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Did you know that $77.8B are spent in the US alone due to lack on interoperability? That means that  different care providers treating the same patient might require duplicate tests due to the lack of data access ?

Did you know that shared decisions making improves patient experience of care?

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Did you know that shared decision making improves adherence and outcomes?

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