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ClicPatient is finally here to help everyone become an informed-patient partner! Joining is fast, easy and free. And it all starts with YOU!

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Do You Know Your COVID Vulnerability Index?
Take the First Step Towards Becoming an Informed-Patient Partner.

1. Congratulations! You are here, reading this which means you are already on the path to wellness by becoming on informed patient-partner with your health provider(s). 

2. Visit
ClicPatient and create an account.

3. Have available your health insurance number, your list of medications and if you have it handy, your vaccination record (from when you were little to today). Don't worry about not having ALL the information right away. You can build, update and edit your profile as needed. After all it's yours!

4. Fill out the health should take about 3 minutes...and TADDA! You get your COVID Vulnerabilty Index.

5. What is the COVID Vulnerability Index?
Your ClicPatient COVID vulnerability index is unique to you. It represents YOUR current risk of COVID-19. This index corresponds to the number of points accumulated according to the answers you have given on the health survey. Each point is associated with vulnerability factors, in other words, risk factors. The TOTAL of these POINTS determines your vulnerability to developing serious complications should you become infected with COVID-19.

6. What is the Health Index?
This is the ideal score that you can achieve
by eliminating all of their modifiable risk factors. In simple words, this is your ideal index target. The goal is to have your COVID Vulnerability Index as low as your Health Index. Your provider can help get you there if you need guidance.

7. Update your profile regularly with any changes to your health, risk factors, medication, hospitalization...You are now an informed-patient partner! 

8. Be part on the movement that empower people everywhere to become an informed-patient partner. 
ClicPatient is for everyone!
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Newborn Caregiver

Sick Children Caregiver

Elderly Caregiver


Cancer Patient


Multiple Chronic Disorder
& Disabilities Patient


Rare Disease Patient

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Informed-Patient Partner of All Ages

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Is here to help you better organize & navigate your health trajectory.


Let's simplify your heatlh trajectory

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Create your own profile today!

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It's free, secure and easy!


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